Victory is Near: Blessed are those that choose to be humble without being compelled to be humble

Humility is allowing God to fill your weaknesses.   The difference is made not in what your weakness or trial is, rather its made by how its filled or overcome.

Here’s a question for you to share and discuss below: Can you speed Gods timing up for your life through personal growth and development? Gods timing is real and the more we come to understand it the better off we will be.
Experience trumps knowledge. Growth and expansion will cause you to have the capacity to receive all the opportunities that are being ordered for your good.  If ye are prepared ye shall not fear- because you saw it coming and readied yourself. Remember its our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
11 Therefore, be ye as wise as serpents and yet without sin; and I will order all things for your good, as fast as ye are able to receive them. Amen.
D&C 111:11
Remember next time your confused, stuck, or just going through a trial… I love what my friend always says, “When your going through Hell DON’T stop!” God is the refiner of your life and sometimes he uses challenges to expand your capacity so you can receive. Not only physically receive but receive in your heart at the depth it deserves.  Here’s another question, What if that refining fire was actually God’s timing preparing you for Gods timing? What if that timing was right around the corner coming up over the horizon as we speak? Trials can be preparation if we decide thats what they are going to be. Preparation  that we wouldn’t have room enough to receive without the prior trial that expanded us. Rejoice in challenges that expand you beyond your current capacity. Just think victory is near! Victory, victory, thru him that redeemed us!

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