Sincere Questions: Garments in practice

Received a sincere question today. How would you answer keeping the Spirit with you

“What is the true power of the garment in practice? I need to really tap into the full potential of this practice because right now it’s not making sense based on how it’s taught in the temple and asked to be practiced outside the temple. How do the teaching and the revealed practice really go together…

Is the only way to wear garments is to wear them physically? Is it really just a physical practice only? Is there not a spiritual practice derived from the symbols..

If the garments without the symbols is worth nothing there must be multiple ways we can tap into the full power of the garment… It’s got to be more than just a physical black and white (on/off) practice? We take them off in the most vulnerable/dangerous areas of our life so they can’t be only when the fabric is on you is when the protection from adversary is there… Working out, swimming, intimacy, sports, etc…we are told to take them off..

There’s got to be a way where there is a spiritual side as well where because we know these symbols we can embody them and have protection from the adversary all the time weather we are wearing them or not? Can we do that through a meditative practice of the symbols… How is this possible

Maybe it’s not for the engaged mind because the engaged mind blocks out satan… It’s for the idle unconscious mind because that’s Satans play ground… Every time you take garments off typically it’s in a highly engaged activity… This is a mystery… Interesting

And then I think wait a minute?! We can crush Satans head with Christ what are we so paranoid for… Fear is the opposite of faith… Faith in Christ cures fear of Satan and we have protection through Christ our example… Satan is the one in the temple that said if you don’t do everything perfectly you will be in my power not our father God! 

Also Christ never wore garments and Joseph Smith he understood them completely and took them off.. If The garments are just an outward sign of our inward covenants that you wear throughout your life then why are we not taught that in the temple… We are taught that It’s a shield and protector and that’s not talking about the fabric that’s talking about the symbols because the fabric isn’t worth anything without them…

If I can gain testimony of how to wear them even when I’m not wearing them I think I’ll have discovered something few people will ever discover and gain the spirit even greater than ever… And it will be a more meaningful spiritual practice… 

I think I have to go back to when, how, and why they were created… Go back to their origin to get some proper Devine context… But when I do that all it says it was for certain men who where entered into polygamy… That doesn’t help much… There’s got to be more to the story of their creation and purpose” 3-3-16 

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