How to explain the Book of Mormon to a friend by keeping it real

My friend posted something on Facebook with missionaries getting bible bashed then said he was tired of people being fooled by these side religions thinking they are worshipping the same God of true Christians. This was a good friend from high school so this is how I approached him below. Listen to how much progress was made between his first response to me and his second just by understanding what he was asking and being real with him. He has integrity and sincerity no doubt but check out how I kept it relatable and see if it helps you explain “why the Book of Mormon” to yourself or somebody else. ME: “I saw that video you posted of those missionaries and what you said about those side religions… here’s two links to what they truly teach as missionaries instead of some edited video. http://jesuschrist. lds. org/SonOfGod?lang=eng

Here’s it written on one piece of paper that anybody can read. https://www. lds. org/bc/content/shared/content/images/gospel-library/manual/34591/34591_000_APP_04-livingChrist. pdf

Love you dude”

FRIEND: “You know you a brother of mine for life , and for offending you with what I said in my post i do apologize. I did not agree with the way the conversation was handled. But this is a question that so many asks when You see these missionaries on the street. Pflicht bie v vorlesung betriebswirtschaftslehre mittelstandsmanagement Ich fand es gut 1? Why the Book of Mormon and not just the bible. I looked at the links you sent ,it’s scriptures from the bible so why not just read it? I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be delivered to all the world ,and I can say it is these missionaries that travel door to door city to city making people think about Christ that probably never would have give God a thought. The only part for me as a believer of the gospel that makes this method confusing, why bring up mr smith? Why “Book of Mormon” ? I believe in God the father son and the Holy Spirit. It’s not just Mormon doing this , why are there so many different teachings that all claim to be representing the Same God. If this is true then the Bible is the only book you need. yes there are amplified bibles out there that take you further in depth but even they are still the Holy Bible with someone’s commentary. I hope as my friend you understand I mean no harm in my words , I’m simply saying explain to me what it is that makes this better then just reading the Holy Bible. And if it’s a case of this being an amplified of the holy bible , then that’s my mistake, I’ve never read the Book of Mormon due to the fact they have always lost me at Joseph smith instead of telling more then I know about Jesus Christ. Please help me understand the truth of it. ”

ME: “Love you dude I totally get it and I’ve felt the same way before. For me it’s like I barely have time to read Matthew Mark Luke John let alone the rest of the Bible and then now your adding the Book of Mormon. What’s the point? Trust me I get it. The way I came to the conclusion is if it’s available then it’s available and that’s cool. I’m going to let the scriptures speak to me when I read them no matter what. See the reason I read the Book of Mormon sometimes is because it’s cool and validates a lot of history and doctrines that I could easily spin or misinterpret in the Bible. The Book of Mormon is not trying to be the Bible it’s an incredible family story that a guy named Mormon discovered and compiled together. The story started about 600 years before Christ came during the time where Jerusalem was being destroyed. This guy named Lehi and his family started the record because he was teaching the people in Jerusalem that they were about to be destroyed. He tells this story about how they were called out of Jerusalem and lead to a different part of the world. Once they got there their family split up and basically tried to kill each other. It was basically believers vs non believers at first and then everyone pretty much fell away but a few key players; Mormon and his son Moroni being the last ones to survive. Pretty cool story. The entire book though is about these peoples spiritual lives and their spiritual lives where all centered around Christ. It’s really cool, they preach of Christ they prophesy of Christ they worship Christ and eventually are destroyed because of their belief in Christ. The only reason Joseph Smith even has a name today is because he was like King James. He was the one who discovered it and translated it to English. He was more than a King James though he was like a prophet comparable to Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi or Buddha. I believe all prophets have a special calling weather your Moses or weather you are MLK. Joseph calling was to simplify the Gospel that at that time was being taught in so many different ways that it was impossible for anybody to understand who was right or who was wrong. He did what he was called to do and was killed for it just like MLK was. At the end of the day Joseph Smith has helped me with a couple key questions that I couldn’t understand from just reading the Bible. The hard part is that Christ is coming back and we spend so much time trying to get people to join our church that we forget to unite believers that go to different churches. Joseph Smith died along time ago and a lot has come from him but a lot is different now. My thing is how can we simplify the gospel so that it actually gets into our souls and into our lives. I don’t want to be one of the ten virgins that has no oil in their lamp. The Bible is enough and it’s incredible the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and it’s all good as long as we don’t put to much stock in things that can’t save us. The only thing that can save us is Jesus. No book or preacher can save us. Love you dude lets worship together and get ready for the return. ”

FRIEND: “Amen,love you to bro. Thank you for taking the time to give me this information, sounds interesting now. I’ll definitely give it a read or 2.