Acting out of someone else’s agency and not our own will cause spiritual dis ease. Right now I’m going through the fact that I know what’s better for my spiritual life than the LDS church handbook but the guilt associated with living the gospel by the dictates of your own Conscience if it’s outside the council is very uncomfortable. I’m specially talking about the rules surrounding the guidance given in the temple to wear garments throughout your life. That means something different for everybody but when your handbook is so black and white it leaves no room for progression or wearing them because that’s how we get the most strength. We are told weather your spiritually there yet or not to wear them whenever it can be done. So how do you live a life by design of your so often living a life by default based on other peoples agency. Here’s what it comes down to.

The gospel is not always comfortable which in the business world most things you want will take stepping outside your comfort zone to get them.

What’s inspired and what’s not?

Question what foreign words do you use frequently this packing in your writing